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FOR TEENS - The Art of Living
"By Nature we are friendly, cooperative, compassionate. If we are unfriendly, it is because of stress and tension." - Sri Sri
Developed by H. H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, these courses offer simple and effective techniques for eliminating stress, resolving conflict, improving health and living life with new joy and enthusiasm – An unmatched combination of the very best of ancient wisdom and modern science.
Silver Jubilee 2006
Making History
Over 2.5 million people, from over 145 countries, will be attending the silver Jubilee celebrations in Bangalore in February 06, including spiritual leaders, politicians, business leaders and representatives from the world of music, film, arts and sports.
The Art of Living Foundation is the largest volunteer based Non-Governmental Organization in the world. The Foundation's service projects, programs on yoga, meditation and stress elimination have benefited over 20 million people representing all walks of life, religions, cultures and traditions.
Through out our lives we learn many skills reading, writing, science, music and art but very few of us have actually learnt the true Art of Living. We are rarely taught how to handle our negative emotions - anger, depression, and stress. Yet, the quality of our life depends upon the quality of our mind.

The Art of Living courses offer simple but effective techniques, which eliminate toxins, and stresses that accumulate in our systems over time. They are a unique way to harmonize and energize the Body, Breath, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.
Art Excel for Kids
(The Art of Living Course for Kids)
All Round Training in Excellence:

"Just information is not education. It is culturing our behavior, culturing our attitude and the ability to perceive things better. Perception, Observation and ex-pression - the three aspects of education have to be improved."

Art Excel provides practical tools that enable children and teenagers to effectively handle the stress & negative emotions (like fear, anger, frustration etc.) at a young age.

The program promotes human values through a variety of techniques that teach such important skills as: the art of making friends, the secret of popularity, personal responsibility, the value of service and nurtures their creativity- all in a supportive, yet challenging and fun atmosphere.

Art Excel aims to:

* Develop in our youth a vision that embraces all cultures, religions, ethnic and racial backgrounds.
* Encompass all faiths and acknowledge a higher power that helps us go beyond perceived limitations.
* Establish a powerful and meaningful connection between one's self and the world.
* Increase mental focus and facilitate the learning process.
* Provide the leadership training and skills which enable youth to become positive role models for their peers.
* Create an awareness of the human values in our youth and provide opportunities for community service.
* Provide powerful techniques that alleviate stress and manage emotions.

All Courses are open to people from all walks of life, religions, societies and cultures.

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