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Mummy Please Don't Throw These !

My mother loves to keep the house clean. Some things which she thinks is junk are very dear to me. One Sunday, as usual, I heard sounds in my room. They were the sounds of my mother cleaning my room. I got off from the couch on which I was sitting and watching TV, and ran towards my room.

Yesterday night, I heard my mother telling to our servant that she would throw my first pair of rather worn-out shoes, Hinkypunk which was a basketball, with a face printed on it and the precious papers I used as tickets.

When I reached my room, I found these three things missing. I searched in the dustbin and when I found these things, I let a sigh of relief. When my mother asked that why was I keeping all that junk, I said that they were the dearest things to me. My mother's mouth fell open. I realised that this was the right moment to convince my mother about keeping all these things.

I started reasoning out why I kept all that junk. As for shoes, I said that they were my first pair of shoes and I took my first steps wearing them, so they were lucky for me. As for Hinkypunk, it was the only true and faithful friend of mine and gave me creative ideas when I sat with it. And as my fondest dream, I said that I could take my mother to the moon with the help of the tickets when I grow old.

My mother laughed and left the room. I was happy again.

Devansh Gupta , V-B, StudyHall, Gomtinagar, Lucknow
An Unbelievable Adventure

I was flying.

An enormous bird had clutched me in its massive claw which was as big as an elephant's. Whenever I looked down I quickly closed my eyes.We were so high that I was feeling I would fall. I closed my eyes and wished that I could step on land.

Suddenly I realized the bird had dropped me.I got scared and thought that my end had come. I fell on the ground with a thud. I got up and saw that I haven't even got a bruise. But when I looked up I froze in astonishment. I was in the clouds but the city in which I was,was either hell or I was in a dream. I quickly understood that I was on the evil flying island about which I had read in my book. I started crying.

Suddenly, I heard a buzzing sound and saw an enormous bee. I ran at the top of my speed. I remembered that this place was full of big bees and massive birds and butterflies. All of them were cruel but their King was kind. I decided to go to the King.

When I went to his palace, I saw knights guarding the palace. I hid behind a pillar and through an open window, I got in. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. The King was sitting in front of me. He was the only man on the whole island. I went to him and asked a way to get back home. He said that the floor of his palace opens every other day and I could go back home by jumping from it.

Next day, I was very happy because I was going back home. I tied myself to a parachute and jumped down the floor, when it opened.

When I touched the land, I was on top of my home's roof. I jumped with joy and went downstairs into my house and told my mother about my unbelievable adventure.

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